Jason McDonald

Creative Photographer & an over user of the short phrase "lol"

Thank you for taking the time to get to know me!

I currently live in Fort Worth, Texas. If your photo session involves any traveling out side of Fort Worth there will be a travel fee.

If you live in Abilene, Odessa, Midland, Lubbock, Amarillo, Wichita Falls, San Angelo (all in Texas) or Lawton (Oklahoma), chances are you have seen some of my design work & my photography!

View my work for local business & local people in your area.

View my portfolio page. A collection of my favorite work over the years! 

The way I see it:

I started my journey in the media world back when I was 18, and by the time I was 22 I found myself wanting to do more, create more.

I wanted to move people.

It was a sure bet that at the ripe young age of 22 I had an addiction...Design. Graphic Design was my gate way drug into the photographic world, and with a world filled with detail in everything you find, it was a good addiction to have. ;)

I never found myself without words but when I did I noticed I had a good grasp on my camera. Looking through a small whole into a world that most people never see.  It was then I realized I was looking through a tiny hole to get the bigger picture of life.

I like to stand out, who doesn’t? But I want my photos to inspire you to live in this world as you were meant to live. Enjoy each and every breath you take and enjoy the ones around you that love you.

Living in this world without the ones you love is tough. This is one of the reasons photography has become a passion on mine. Sometimes after faded voices a photo is the only physical portal you have, or so it feels like sometimes.

This is my purpose.

To capture the things you never want to forget.

If I have not had the pleasure to shoot with you yet, know one thing… I want you to have a memorable moment with me on our adventure. Not to remember me, but to remember the experience. 

Someone once said "a picture is worth a thousand words."  I say a photograph speaks to you. Makes you feel emotion. Sad, happy, mad… whichever it may be, just know that when a photograph can make you feel something in your heart, deep down and you never want to let go… it's done its purpose. So I would like to personally invite you into my neck of the woods,

To see the beauty in the simplest of things, to see the beauty in yourself.

To love. To share.  To Smile.

Last Update: 05.22.2017


   Since I work full time with another company, I don't have a lot of free time to take on as many photo sessions as I used to, but please feel free to drop me an email and I would love to discuss the details of what you have in mind! I am only taking on limited sessions throughout the year.  


Bridal Sessions: $400

- 1 hour / Includes a downloadable link to your photos.

Family Sessions: $400

- 1 hour / Includes a downloadable link to your photos.

High School Seniors: $400

- 1 hour / Includes a downloadable link to your photos.

- 50, 5x7 Graduation Announcements (envelopes included)

- Don't want to address them all... I know a guy...

- Discounted Announcement prints (4x6 & wallets)

- up to 3 outfit changes & 3 locations.


- August, September & October Only (November... tack on an extra $150 if you are wanting the christmas cards by December 1, If not November will work.)

- 30 minutes / Includes online downloadable gallery with copy right release of all images.

- 50, 5x7 Christmas cards w/ envelopes.


- You can have a photo booth at any event!

- More info coming soon, please contact me for pricing and set up.

Currently not accepting weddings.

Traveling outside of Fort Worth, Texas requires travel expenses.

Products & prints are available at request.


The process of your session


    After your session, I will go through the images and pick a couple of my favorites to edit. I will then upload all the images for you to go through.  Once all your images are up, if you would like a few extra touched up maybe that i happen to skip over, please email me the IMG # and i will fix them then re-upload the image to the gallery.  If you place the mouse cursor over the image, the IMG # will pop up. Please watch the three series youtube video links below on how to do this. (I will email you a link to the gallery, or to find your gallery at any time, you can just go to JasonMcD.com > Jason McD Clients > (choose year) > (Find your session).  


     I currently do not give DVD's. Your photo galleries are set up so you can download all of the images, to learn how to do this, please check out the youtube video link below, in this video i go over step by step on how you download them. It is a very simple process. If you would like a DVD, there is a $20 charge. (per dvd)

 - Please note this is easier for when you select an image for me to edit that I may have skipped over, this way you can just download that image once i upload it. When burning DVD's, you would just have to save the image by itself or pay $20 for a whole new dvd.


   I would suggest once you have access to your gallery. Watch my video on how to download them all, then save them to a thumbdrive and put it in a safe place. Then you can have your images on your thumbdrive as well as your computer. So if your computer crashes you still have a backup.


    If you take these to a local printer, they will most likely as for a copy right release form, this is included on the dvd and a printout on the dvd cover. Make sure to have this. I do not guarantee the quality of prints through any printer but myself. I am not responsible for poor quality prints or discoloration. I do guarantee any prints that are purchased through me, whether that is sending me an email of the IMG #, quantity & size or through the gallery listed on my website. Also, The folders on your dvd are there for a purpose. The files in the Social Networking folder are smaller, and will upload faster with no long waiting periods, and you can email multiple images to friends or family. I don't mind you uploading the Print files, but they will just take up more space or take longer to upload. In some cases they can be very large. It is more of a convenience for you than anything. :)

If you have any questions about the process or how something works. Please shoot me a text, email or give me a call!


Click on the links below to watch a short video of how to find your galleries to covering some basic rules when viewing and also how to download your images! If you have any questions of would like a video on something else, just shoot me an email.

How to find your online gallery without the link - CLICK HERE

Going over the basic outline of your online gallery - CLICK HERE

How to download and save your images from the online gallery - CLICK HERE

It's Personal...

What I do in my spare time:

I love to teach and I love to learn. I spend some of my free time playing golf, listening to talk shows (Dave Ramsey, Les Brown or Zig Ziglar), audio books, watching motivational youtube videos (Be Inspired) and spending time with friends and family. 

Teach me:

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. I love to teach. If you are looking for someone to teach you how to understand your camera, I have a one on one class that I teach to help you understand the in's and out's of how to use your camera to its full potential! Contact me for more details.

Quotes that I read daily:

- Work for a purpose, not a paycheck.

- A dream without a plan is a wish.

- Problems aren't life, they're a part of life. Find opportunity in your problems. They will give you the chance to come back stronger than you were.

- Reacting is NEGATIVE, Responding is POSITIVE. Before you open your mouth, how are you going to reply... Are you going to let words get the best of you and REACT... or are you going to collect your thoughts... and RESPOND.

- H.O.P.E. -  Helping Other People Excelyou will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want.

- You will get all you want in life, if you help enough other people get what they want. (Zig Ziglar)

- Forgive, and GROW.

- You don't have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.

Youtube Motivation:

1 hour of positive words - To want something you've never had, you've go to do something you've never done. Excuses will NEVER get you closer to your goal. Stop complaining and make a change. 

People that have had a great impact on my life through their words: 

Tony Robbins - If you have never heard of Tony, you are missing out! He comes from a place of love and instead of fixing problems getting to the root of them and eliminating them! Inspired by this man and a daily listener. Here is just one of his YouTube links that I listen to and it may help you figure out those feelings you have, on how to get over them and conquer them once and for all. He currently has a video documentary on Netflix called, Tony Robbins: I'm not your Guru.  WATCH IT... NOW! lol

Dave Ramsey Video to introduce you to Dave Ramsey.

Les Brown - Amazing speaker. You can't help but be inspired by hearing this man talk.

Meg Meeker - She has such a great outlook on fathers & daughters.   Meg just touches on the topic of how important Dad's are in a child's life. 

Zig Ziglar - Has some amazing points on life. For instance, the "terrible two".. why not refer to them as the "terrific two" because what you put out into the universe you will get in return... What you seek, is seeking you.

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